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Lady O Has Arrived!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 7, 2008 by thebibliophile

Brilliant, beautiful, and strong.

What I really like in the below shot is First Lady-elect Obama’s use of color – pairing electric blue with a great jaunty yellow and simpy white tee and flats. The look comes off as effortless, yet exciting and fun. The slim fit of the pants also harkens back to Jackie O’s looks. I like the look on the right, for its casualness. The colors match and highlight – it is a completely laid back look.

I wish the photographer had gotten a fuller view of this ensemble. First the simply white shirt, paired with the lovely wide belt, is all highlighted and taken to a new level with her well-fitted jacket – rolled decisively and neatly at the elbow. It’s a look that is very “American style” to me. And of course, the jacket is mudcloth. Lady O. is rocking mudcloth! Mudcloth! Yes! Get it, First Lady O.:


The STUDDED BELT is the fashion accessory in this assemble! How fashion forward. Here its almost as if she’s channeling the best of Nancy Regan – with the polka dots. And there all similarities end. he combination of the belt with the uber feminine dress takes the look to another level. The picture on the right is such a sophisticated ensemble.

And do you know what’s great? She wore all of these outfits, while doing amazing things – giving powerful speeches, campaigning, taking care of her children. Just awesome!

Check out the New York Times style review of First Lady-elect Michelle Obama’s fabulousness!: