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Where Beautiful Babies are Reborn? Oh Really? Fake babies in the UK

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 22, 2008 by thebibliophile

Apparently, in the UK there’s a rising trend for what’s being called “reborn babies.” These extremely life-like dolls, are replicas of babies. Those who build them spend a great deal of time and money creating babies that look real. In some cases, artisans, create reborns that are warm to the touch, have heartbeats, and need diaper changes. The dolls, and let’s be clear, they are dolls, are even weighted to feel like babies. Eyelashes, hair, nostril holes, and half-moon fingernails are all meticulously added to the doll. The end result does indeed look like a real child:

This is a whole new example of baby hunger. You can learn more about reborns, here,

The twist of course, is that these life-like replicas of babies, aren’t being used as toys for children, or in high school classes to tamp down teen pregnancy, or even as training tools for soon-to-be parents.  The reborn babies are being purchased, largely by womyn in the UK, many of whom identify as doll collectors – many of whom also seem to exhibit an emotional attachment to these extremely realistic dolls.

As you can see from the YouTube clip, it’s sometimes very easy to forget that the reborns are in fact dolls. Notice how the artist (in pink, no less) cradles the doll in the crook of her arm as if it were alive, supporting the head and leaning her weight, as you might see a mother holding her child doing. She goes on to admit that she often takes the baby out into public as if it were a real baby. She notes that she does this for two reasons. First, as a product, taking the reborn out into public, allows her to promote her product. Secondly, as she confides in the video introduction to the piece about reborns, taking the reborn out, draws the attention she used to get when she was a new mother, back to her.

Watch the Reborning Video on YouTube:

Toward the end of the clip, as the new “mother” receives the replica of her grandson, the grandfather has a disturbed and disgusted reaction. He remarks, that the reborn seems to him funerary – like a death mask. That led me to wonder, if in fact, womyn might be seeking to replace or fill a void left by a formerly living or present child, with a reborn.

There are many examples of reborning on youtube. You can learn how to make your own by watching this video: It is disturbing to me, to watch the dismembered body parts of a baby come together in a doll. The video combined with the music is unsettling.

So, what does this all mean? Why are grown womyn walking around with life-like doll babies? It at once reinforces the idea that womyn must have children in order to be real, that they are biologically required to having children, and feel inferior or unhappy without the experience of a baby at their breast, while at the same time rendering grown womyn into girls – the terrain of childishness so often foisted upon womyn.

As the psychologist in the clip quips, with his scientific air, its the hormones from holding the child that make us feel good. Okay…I’m not a scientist. I’d suggest that all humans biologically respond to touch hormonally. What “hormonal needs” does society have met by witnessing womyn in full regression, enjoying “play” with dolls. The fantasy of motherhood – but only when the baby is young. As womyn in the clip point out, that’s the best stage, the stage at which you’re closest to your child. Read: most in control, most likely to be at the center of attention, most likely to gain from the social benefits of being a new mother. It is a bit suggestive of Munchausen Syndrome.

To each their own….