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Is SYTYCD Racist, Sexist, and Ableist Too, Part II

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17, 2011 by thebibliophile

I don’t think I even need to really write much, not when there’s a routine, like this:

An Afrojazz routine that seems to me mainly an excuse to put people in inappropriate ethnic body paint, with some African dancing and without context.

I am also confused as to why the womyn now appear on stage in little more than bikinis. As a former (amateur) dancer, I understand how important it is to be able to see the lines of the body, but still. Really? Across the board, the dancing seems far more sexualized – and has been increasingly sexualized through the seasons (side-eye, to Benji Schwimmer’s sister).┬áJordan, one of the dancers actually did a stripper pop, which is just more of the same – she gave a very similar audition. The response from Nigel, his open leering, that’s not entirely about technique is what is so telling. Jordan’s technique, you can see from her balance, extension, and control (it’s very easy to loose balance) but, hmmm, yeah. I wonder how this performance would be perceived if she was a darker-skinned womyn?

Kat Deely made one slip, confusing Robert with Mitch – unexplainably the two Black men were asked to re-do their solos. I also find it interesting that only Brown folks or folks who were not identifiably white, were selected to be in the bottom set of couples. Thankfully Sasha was not included in this group.

In a huge surprise, the judges decided not to let anyone go. Instead, next week, two couples will be eliminated.