Dan Snyder is a Jerk

HE OBJECTS: Washington Redskins owner says a City Paper piece defamed him.

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington, DC Professional Football team, hasn’t liked the (accurate) coverage of the Washington City Paper, in an article written by 20-year City Paper veteran reporter Dave McKenna. The article, “A Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” received overwhelming response on the local scene and from fans. It was, however, still a local story, from a beloved edgy local paper. Then Snyder decided to sue.

Now the Washington Post is covering it and the article, Snyder, and the debacles the article highlights, are getting national coverage.

I don’t even really like football like that. But I don’t like to see a local institution like the City Paper ganged up on…even when they run offensive cover pages of Marion Barry, it’s still the Washington City Paper.  And shout out to Mike Madden, still fairly new as Editor at City Paper, for handling his business – his response to Snyder’s accusation of an anti-Semitic cover to let him know when Snyder was “ready to go after the real anti-Semites,” is a classic zinger. And it pointedly draws attention to the fact that Snyder owns a team with a name that many find offensive and racist – anti-Indian if you will, and refuses to change that name.

Washington City Paper image of Dan Snyder

The cover is touchy. I agree with Mike Madden that the Snyder image is intended and drawn to resemble a devil – a high school graffiti.  And yet…Jewish people have long been depicted as devils. So it’s touchy. It goes right up to the line….however, I’ve seen depictions that are truly anti-Semitic; images that use age-old caricatures – and when I look at this image, I think its touchy, that it goes up to the line, but I don’t look at it and say immediately “it’s anti-Semitic.” I do look at it and think, this is touchy ground given the historic depiction of Jewish people throughout global history.” Additionally, the documentation of Snyder’s non-response to Asian actors auditioning at Six Flags being encouraged to “do a Jackie Chan impression,” suggests that Snyder cares about challenging racist behavior when it impacts only him…..which is a problem….in chocolate city….

In a stroke of genius, the paper has published all the letters it received from Snyder and his representatives. Washingtonians should raise money for the paper’s defense. Snyder is being a bully…And seems to have forgotten the First Amendment amidst his rage.

That said, I don’t like the constant references to Snyder’s height. It’s unfair – and part of a masculinity project that suggests to be a real man you have to have “real” height. Problematic.


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