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Looklet Look of the Day: Celebrating Memorial Day

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In honor of Memorial Day, two looks from


And because the long weekend isn’t just about being casual:



That’s Problematic…

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Here is an uncharacteristically autobiographical post about some things that are bothering me, either because I find them deeply upsetting and representative of an erosion of critical thought, or because they are emblematic of a general lack of compassion, common sense, or decorum.

This list ranges from the truly silly and inane, to the more weighty – and it can all best be summed up in the phrase, “that’s problematic….”

In no particular order, even though the list is numbered, here are some things I find problematic.

1. Michelle Malkin’s attacks on First Lady Michelle Obama’s and Dr. Jill Biden’s trips to Haiti. Malkin’s phrasing of the “youth engagement shamnesty” is simply mean-spirited. Wow.

2. Michelle Rhee in the Nation’s capital getting caught a.) either as incompetent, because she and her team of self-proclaimed, bottom-line, tech-saavy, data driven staff, missed a bugeting error that led to the firing 236 teacher’s in a struggling school system or b.) for using “budget concerns” as a cover to fire 236 teachers for political reason and then using an “accounting error,” when the budget surplus is revealed. And the fact that silence has reigned now on the issue.

3. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new proposal that one member of a homeless family must have a job before the city will place the family in subsidized housing with rent vouchers. That families in shelters, with at least one member working, will have to pay to live in the homeless shelter (oxymoron, anyone), and that homeless families, transitioning into city subsidized housing, that previoulsy would have been free or $50 a month, will now have to pay 30% of their salary.

4. NPR not mentioning that Ella Baker was an inextricably important creator of SNCC, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, which produced such scions as Julian Bond, John Lewis, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Ruby Sales to name a few when noting the anniversary of the creation of SNCC.

5. The gigantic oil ocean spreading in the Gulf of Mexico and the very real, traumatic, and catastrophic impact on the environment.

Brilliant: On Entering & Surviving Tourist Season

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A Few Rules for Tourists Visiting New York City This Summer

Read all about this lovely piece of work over at Daily Dose in a piece entitled, “A Few Rules for Tourists Visiting New York this Summer”

My apologies for being absent – no one noticed, right. I’m just a tenny tiny blogger. It’s just the Arizona law, followed by Texas, and the oil spill have me a bit distraught. Posting regularly will begin soon.


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