Jamie Oliver, I think I love you….

Chef Jamie Oliver

Who let this man on t.v.? He’s saying things about the government not regulating our food properly, about how Congress is going to try to block Michelle Obama’s work to promote healthy food, saying that what we eat will kill us. Say, what, word? Really, who did he pay off to get to say those things on television? National television? Some big conglomerate like Monsanto must be about to launch an all organic line and this is part of their promotion for it…

Either way, it resonates with me, as I’ve been working on a series to post here about food.

A little while ago, waiting for the bus, I saw two womyn and their toddlers. In the baby’s bottle, instead of milk, or even apple juice, was the most unnatural looking blueberry-colored liquid. It stained the baby’s tongue, and didn’t look like a medication. It was topped off with salt and vinegar chips. I couldn’t stop staring. And I wanted to tell the womyn what they were giving their children – because I know if they understood or had access to something else, then it wouldn’t be blue juice, cheetos, and salt and vinegar chips.

So, I’m not mad at Jamie Oliver….

Sometimes when I hear about what’s in food, I feel as if we are eating, increasingly reminds me of Margaret Atwood’s descriptions of food in her 2006 novel Oryx and Crake, food that was genetically engineered, so much so that eventually it begins to attack humans.

There is so much judgement about what we eat, how we eat it, prepare it, what we like, and think about the food that we eat. At least in the West – U.S. and European context, food is policed. Oliver’s take however, is not on palate, but solidly about whether or not what you are eating is actual food that won’t kill you.

I’m watching with interest….


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