The Jackson’s Give us 5 Ways They Continue to be Whack


This is so whack I had to post twice in one day.

Five Ways the Jackson’s Show Us They Continue to be Whack

1. Capiltalizing on their brother Michael’s death. No one, but no one, would be interested in the remaining members of the Jackson family if it were not (sadly) due to the tragic death of Michael Jackson.

2. WTH? You should never have cameras following you around when you are recovering from and healing from the grief (and all the stages of grief) when loosing a loved one.

3. Michael Jackson would not want his children within a 100 miles of this ish. Diana you better come get these children.

4. Business in the street….let me rephrase so that we can all understand: Biznatch all up in da street!

5. Selling your souls, brothers. Selling your souls.


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