Plarning: New Uses for Recycling Bags

A sink full of plarn

Plarning. What is it? It’s using old plastic bags to make yarn, thus plarning. You take the plastic bags and tie them together until they become yarn that you can crochet, knit, or knot. It’s a great way to recycle plastic bags, and it lends strength and longevity to your knit or crochet projects.

You can learn how to plarn at  Plarning is incredibly easy, and makes a fun project for youn crafters.

Used globally to make bags, jewelry, and all manner of useful things, plarning has become a popular and useful technique for U.S. crafters as well – especially those who are environmentally conscious.  You can learn how make a handy plarned bag that makes a great gift over at Organic Sister – just click here

Incidentally Organic Sister, a site I stumbled upon, has some solid information on how to incorporate earth friendly practices – and nice pictures for visual learners. Learn how to make bows and plarned boxes here. Now, while I appreciated the site, it is taking everything in me to refrain from noting the class and racial dynamics,  since I’m on this environmental kick, it’s one big happy world, right?


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