Edwidge Wins!

Author Edwidge Danticat won the McArthur Genius award! The award grants the recipient $500,000 – with no strings attached.  Danticat, a graduate of Brown University’s MFA program, is known for her elegant, poetic to the point of tears writing, and her commitment to capturing the lives and history of Haitians and Hatian-Americans. If you’ve never read anything written by Danticat, I highly recommend her work – particularly The Farming of the Bones, which is powerful and heart breaking. It is also a good book to read in tandem with Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies.

I am so happy, proud, and excited for Ms. Danticat. It is so wonderful to have her extraordinary talent recognized and rewarded. Danticat was on Michel Martin’s show “Tell Me More,” today talking about the award which such humility and grace. Check it out here. Her reading of her most recent book, Brother, I’m Dying, a memoir of life’s intersections, is a powerful experience and reminder about humans, the human condition, and how perceptions of difference are used to wound or are destructive.

And if you missed it, check out Michel Martin, getting us all straight about race. Her “Can I Just Tell You?” segment on Monday, was all types of on point.

Mark Bradford

Mixed Media Artist Mark Bradford

Other winners of the McArthur Genius award include Mark Bradford, a visual artist “whose signature work takes the form of massively scaled, abstract collages that he assembles out of signage and other materials collected, most frequently, from his own neighborhood in south-central Los Angeles.” Learn more about all of the awardees here.


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