How Could They? Reading Rainbow Cancelled


They have canceled “Reading Rainbow.” Why? Oh why? How can you cancel “Reading Rainbow?” According to The New York Times, the show was teaching the loveof reading as opposed to the hard reading skills of phonics. But as a friend pointed out, with video games, ipods, Wii, and all manner of entertainment, teaching young people phonics, isn’t necessarily going to encourage them to become life long readers. Besides, if you need to learn phonics and spelling you can look at “The Electric Company,” the two shows should be considered a pair.

Marian Wright Edelman has a quote, which paraphrased states that if you educate a population to be ignorant, eventually it will be. Ending great shows like “Reading Rainbow,” is helping to raise a generation without the critical reading skills, love of a good, non-reality show driven, story, that leads to real readers. I cannot even begin to say how special this show was to me. It not only taught me how to read – to understand plot, plot devices, and characters, but it also taught me how to discuss narrative, so that when it was time to write book reports in school, I understood the basic format necessary.

Some suggest its just a sign of the times, it had been on for nearly 30 years, not everything can last forever – and that’s a very real point. I just can’t help feeling a real sadness at seeing this show, which formed so much of my love of reading, disappear.


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