Looklet Look of the Day

look image

What fun? Here’s a Looklet outfit I put together. I call it “Preptastic Hits the Edgy Roof,” to capture that there are prep elements – the particular use of layers, horizontal stripes, pearls, bright colors, and polish all combined to create a look that plays with and extends preppy aesthetic in order to have an edge. The edge comes from the longer strings of pearls, the architectural and extremely tactile skirt, all topped with an unexpected green track jacket – which certainly amps up the fierceness, while also bringing a sense of play and fun, to what would otherwise be a strictly “ladies who lunch” ensemble.

Looklet is having a contest to see who can best style the green Adidas track jacket featured – learn more about the contest here.

The Way We Wore: Black Style Then

Speaking of fierce fashion moments, I recently came across Michael McCollum’s book, The Way We Wore, which is a photo book of Black style. McCollum researched and found every day images of Black folks looking fabulous and compiled that into his book. Scott Schulman, better known as “The Sartorialist,” is publishing his book, The Sartorialist, which has just come out this August. While very pricey, Schulman’s work is a collector’s item, featuring gorgeous photopgraphy and a true and real love and commitment to fashion.  I highly recommend McCollum’s book. It is wonderful to open a book and see fashionable, beautiful people of color.

 I am looking forward to purchasing Schulman’s book next. The wonderful Scott Schulman discusses the book over at his blog The Sartorialist – check  it out here. The book looks just beautiful – and you’ll notice (miracle of miracles) that Schulman manages not to feature any of his models a.) if they are color constantly in animal skin or b.) jumping rope with monkeys (yes, I have not forgotten Bazaar magazine!) I think that’s because Schulman is creative and innovative – and doens’t need to rely solely on recycled tropes to make his point. All he seems to need is a camera and a cityscape – style seems to come to him.

I’d love to ask Schulman what he thinks of Bazaar’s fashion shoot. Thank goodness I have The Way We Wore to balance everything out.




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