WTF Bazaar Magazine? Animalistic Naomi Campbell

These photos are from a spread in Bazaar magazine’s September spread featuring Naomi Campbell. The quality of the photos are dubious – as one can’t see the fashion, but even more problematic is that in the year 2009, Black womyn are still being posed as “wild” and “animalistic.” I am so sick of this. Not only is it uninventive or innovative (how antebellum amidst an industry that prides itself on re-invention and newness), but it is also deeply racist. Bazaar is getting a letter from me.

While Tyra Banks (bless her heart) is busy talking about Black womyn uniting, Naomi is taking everyone’s job, and willing apparently to do shoots that position her in ways that reify old tropes of racism.


I am so irritated that I cannot even blog about this today. I have to put a pin in it and blog it out tomorrow – when I can coherently talk about how racist this is, how problematic, and why it makes me want to give up on fashion…and society by extension. It is 2009 people. 2009! I’m going to need to pull from a several bunch of disciplines: fashion theory, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and a big pot of “get a damn clue.” Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just far more simple to say: WTF Bazaar? This is whack. Are Black womyn only beautiful when you can call us wild?


One Response to “WTF Bazaar Magazine? Animalistic Naomi Campbell”

  1. Bibliophile, kudos on this shit. I enjoy reading your personality through your reactions to cultural artifacts, and anticipate the breadth and depth of your insight on this. What do you think Campbell’s motivations are? Maybe she has a ulterior motive a la Flavor Flav in proving that there is nothing left, so they must regress. I’m just kidding. Seriously, though, I can’t wait.

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