Peggy Cooper Cafritz: World Class Art Collector & The Tragedy of a Lost Collection

Peggy Cooper Cafritz in her doorwayOn July 30th, a fire engulfed and claimed the home of famed collector, artivist, and prominent Washingtonian Peggy Cooper Cafritz. Cooper Cafritz is responsible for the creation of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts (which boasts alumni like Dave Chappelle) and has led the support of the Ellington Fund. Cooper Cafritz is a tireless and well known advocate for the arts, and she has a spectacular, one-of-a-kind collection of work, which it appears sadly due to incompetence (WASA) and lack of ingenuinity (DC Fire Department) has been lost.

Just recently Peggy Cooper Cafritz’s house was featured in Oprah’s magazine O, a dazzling spread that showed a beautifully appointed home filled with unique and stunning collection – with the womyn who surveyed and selected each piece featured; a womyn at ease in her wonderful home.

All Photo Credits: O Magazine, Sang An for O Magazine.

Peggy Cooper CafritzPeggy Cooper Cafritz living area


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