Snapshot: Internalized Oppression in Action

Wow. Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Chris Brown has pled guilty to assault, and has in fact released a video apologizing and taking responsibility for physically abusing his girlfriend, abuse that includes, strangulation, punching, and biting – and yet, these two female police officers from New York city, sworn to protect and serve, feel the need to have a celebrity moment?

I’ve heard an uncomfortable number of womyn, saying that “some womyn just don’t know when to stop,” saying the things that result in their men hitting them, to asserting that certain ethnic womyn are just known to be wild. And I’ve yet to hear a Black man roundly and soundly condemn physical violence and abuse against a womyn.

But for me, somehow, this picture encapsulates the internalized oppression for some womyn of color – this picture might as well be an absolution.


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