Look at This! Looklet Lets You Play

Great news: there’s another fantastic website that lets you play with different looks, called Looklet on which I’ve just spent an embarassing amount of time.  But it’s addictive. You can select a model and unlike similar sites, you can actually see how the clothes will look on the body, you can also select a bacgkround, and Looklet seems specifically designed to encourage you to buy the look you create (a pro or con depending on who you poll).

I created the look below which I called “An Autumnal Turn.” You can change the background of the style you create – allowing you  to see what it will look lik “on location” so to speak. You can also, in an ingenius move, select shirts, jackets, and pants, deciding whether your model wears it open, tied, or in layers with another item. It’s like having your own access to a high-quality look book.

look image


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