Ngil Mask by the Fang People of Gabon

Ngil Mask, Gabon (Fang People)

This  mask – beautiful for its geometry, craftsmynship, and style is called a Ngil mask and is traditionally associated with the Fang people of Gabon. Traditionally the Fang people used Ngil masks with an extrajudicial purpose in mind – essentially to remind people of their civic, financial, and cultural duties under Fang culture and law. The mask is designed to inspire respect, awe, and a bit of fear. Fang masks greatly influenced European art – particularly modern artists like Pablo Picasso who incorporated the cubism, stylistic aesthetic, and heavily emphasized anthropological attribues (elongated neck or face, prominent nose, emphasized cheekbones) You can see the influence on Picasso, not only in his cubist work, but also in his Jacqueline with Flowers portrait.  


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  1. Great help! Thnx.

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