I Heart Closet Couture

While I may be a little disgruntled with Lucky Magazine for not featuring more diversity and missing the boat with regards to featuring really stylish womyn of color in their “Most Stylish Television Characters” feature, I’m not mad at the editors for introducing me to the site Closet Couture. This fun little site allows you to create your own wardrobe/look book. You can literally upload all of the clothes in your closet and use it to plan out your wadrobe, “shop” looks to add to your wardrobe, let other people create outfits for you, or consult one of the stylists on the site. 

An addictive and lovely brain break. It’s also actually pretty helpful for planning out your wardrobe, helping friends pick outfits, or sharing your style.

I heart it.

I was able to make the look below which I titled ‘Quirky Librarian”



One Response to “I Heart Closet Couture”

  1. Thank you for your lovely write up of us! Did you know you can embed outfits with our embed tool so that the items in the outfit are listed and it looks like an adorable polaroid?

    Glad you love the site, we do too! xx Chris (founder)

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