Telling More: Michel Martin, NPR & Bringing More Voices to the Table

Michel Martin

I heart Michel Martin, like I heart Robin Givhan. On her recent July 1, 2009 NPR program on Tell Me More discussed what “post-racial” U.S.  means, if it exists, and what the polls reveal about what American people believe about a “post-racial” culture.

Listen to the program and learn more about Tell Me More  and its awesome host Michel Martin.

What I find so striking about Michel Martin is the breadth and depth of her reporting and the fantastic formatting of her show. Martin is always thoughtful, engaging, and does well to speak about issues that impact groups who are often marginalized: womyn of color, people of color, LGBT community, parents – all while doing so in a way that universalizes the experience of people of color – letting people of color, and womyn of color in particular, be centered in the narrative. It’s all done naturally – the way it should be. There’s no sense of “this is for the people of color,” no each program is well-crafted, thought out, timely, and insightful. From covering Stonewall, to what “post-racial America” really means, Martin has evolved my understanding of what excellent journalism can be. She seamlessly assembles segments and stories that mix hard news pieces, with local Washington issues, with motherhood and parenthood, and cultural studies. She has also reached out to those in the blogosphere (in an authentic and welcoming way) to be part of her program.

Martin is one of the many reasons why I love NPR. The other is Kojo Nnamdi whose show, The Kojo Nnamdi Show, airs right before Tell Me More. It is 3 hours of radio joy with these two.


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