Stonewall Remembered: June 27 – 28 1969

On June 27, 2009 police attempted to raid Stonewall Inn, a bar that was a community center and gathering place for some of the most marginalized in the LGBT community: young people, sex workers, people of color, and members of the trans community in NYC. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Stonewall, in which the LGBT community fought back! Tired of raids, violence, mistreatment, and the indignity of being oppressed, the patrons at Stonewall refused to allow the police raid – and they were led by a Black queen (who is often left out of the story of the uprising). I know we’re supposed to espouse non-violence and everything, but I’m with Nina Simone and Stonewall, “you killed the King, I ain’t ’bout to be non-violent….” Thank you to the very brave, very bold, very fierce LGBT, trans, kings and queens who stood up and said no, 40 years ago. You can learn more about Stonewall herehere , and here.

Young people at Stonewall


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