Twitterature: The Joy of Reading in 140 Characters or Less

A group of innovative and daring writers are turning to Twitter to publicize and publish their writing through tweets.

The term twitterature was coined by two 19-year old University of Chicago first-year students, Emmett Rensin and Alex Aciman. They’ve taken “the world’s greatest book” and are presenting thim in “twenty tweets or fewer.” They’ve sent their tweets to John Siciliana at the publisher Penguin. The wesbite, Twitterature,  it up, but I havne’t been able to find out any word on what books were selected or to see a sample of the retelling of these works. The Gaurdian, wrote a piece about it on Wednesday, where the two creators are interviewed:

“So what if you put the two together? If great literature and Twitter were combined into one new form – Twitterature. “We have embarked on an attempt to bring the two pillars of our generation together, once and for all,” the students said.

In the blurb for the new book the authors give a clue to their incentives for writing it, which are not entirely ethereal. Aciman and Rensin, from New York and Los Angeles respectively, both harbour ambitions to become writers and both clearly also hanker after cash.”

My solace: literature by folks of color is almost always ignored.. 



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