Fierceness in Action

Just beautiful. Powerful (in their own right), accomplished (in their own right), intelligent, creative, beautiful, vibrant, elegantly dressed. Get it womyn warrior, get it.

I love the European adoration of First Lady Michelle Obama. Europe has had a long history of obsession and worship of womyn of color: Josephine Baker, Nella Larsen, and of course, Saartje Baartman. So I take the adoration, desire to look, watch and observe with several large grains of salt. I also recognize that the dynamics of power have shifted. The terms of First Lady Obama’s arrival to Europe are drastically different than what Josephine Baker or certainly Saartje Baartman faced. And that to me, is powerful, even as I watch vigilantly (and with some discomfort) at the constant voyeuristic eye (panopticonic in its attention to detail) focused on First Lady Obama.

And yet…could it be, that it’s just as simple as this: we are all simply stunned and admiring of Michelle Obama’s character, stature,and grace. This womyn is fierce.


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