Jingoism Makes a Style Choice and Adjusts Size

My new favorite word in jingoistic. It means “the spirit or practice of bellicose chauvinism.” Recently, instead of referring to the  jingoistic behavior of the government (there have been few photo ops of the President aboard a fighter carrier, declaring the end of war in recent months ), I find myself referring to individuals as having jingoistic tendencies or behavior. As in, their adoration of themselves has reached a height where they seem a little jingoistic. So instead of placing the government as the head of authority, the Jingoism 101 check list to the left, might say:

1. The extreme belief that your own self (preferences, style, likes, beliefs) is always best and most interesting,  and worthy of discussion and imitation

2. ….which is often shown in enthusiastic support of twittering, reality television, over-blogging, inappropriate adoration, unethical use of power, inability to manage emotions when not the center of attention, emotionally immature of selfish behavior, the over-use of words like “like,” “amazing,” “so,” and “totally,” and an uncomfortable comfort with cathartic storytelling about onself in public arenas, which for those of us who look askance at such prevalent and intrusive behavior, might consider a war

3. …against true emotional intelligence, privacy, and adult behavior that is not overly bellicose or arrogant.

In our reality-knows-best-and-sees-all culture, is it even wonder that as sovereign nations of personality, individuals are beginning to get a little too patriotric about the self? I mean what is a constant twitter feed, but a 1984-esque message from the Dissemination of Truth Ministry? It’s all so tempting, to be all about the self: what the self wants, what the self thinks, what the self is into, what the self needs., without truly understanding the self’s emotional and phsychological processes. True knowledge of oneself can be a component of emotional intelligence. And I mainly agree – except for that moment when “to thine own self be true,” becomes tell everyone what your self thinks, believes, wants, and is into – all the time. Demand their full attention. Your followers must know. You must teach them to follow you…..Wikipedia breaks down jingoism here, check it out.

For this reason, I think its important for all of us to check our own internal tendencies toward jingoism – and to get very familiar with the word.


One Response to “Jingoism Makes a Style Choice and Adjusts Size”

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