In Maudern Times

Beatrice “Bea” Arthur passed away on Saturday April 25th.  Arthur is familiar to many as Dorothy from The Golden Girls, but she also made history with the CBS television show Maude.  Maude, a spin-off from All in the Family, featured the first female character to have an abortion. In fact, the show aired two months before the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade.While abortion was legal in New York state, where the show was set, it was not legal in several other states – and many local stations would not broadcast the episode entitled, “Maude’s Dilemma.”

Contrast this with current films like Juno and Knocked Up and television shows like the updated 90210 when womyn (miraculously?) strangely don’t even seriously consider abortion, and it gives one much to consider about how far we’ve actually come in terms of the independence of womyn and the right to choose.

Is there anything so powerful and beautiful as a funny, witty, smart womyn?


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