Shoes I Heart


 It’s true that recently I have been feeling overexposed to fashion. A sure pick me is a fabulous pair of shoes. The boots at left actually make me sad to see the winter go, but the hot sandals to the left, by Moschino, remind me of a Chicago flapper, and since I just recently saw the traveling cast of Chicago, featuring John O’Hurley, the styles and proportions of the show remain in the forefront of my mind. The slightly off-trend tendency of ’20s proportions and sensibilities, is speaking to me at a time, when I’m not particularly interested in looking like everyone else in the uber-hip cityscape.

 The boots at left strike me for two reasons: the color palette – hunter green and a nearly eggplant rouge, which puts me in the mind or a rich, deep, true mauve. The button detailing is both a reminder of a Victorian style boot, but also adds a certain amount of sass, the rounded toe and stilletto heel make this shoe, to me at least, a classic regardless of the decade. I would pair this will a number of different looks: worn with skinny jeans, or widelegs, both with a white or black Victorian-style top, with a short or very modern dress. These shoes really provide a whole other edge to an outfit.

The Moschino shoes at right, make me excited for summer, as do many of the sandals below. All of them feature interesting structual details that make them stand out from your standard pump or stilletto, whether its a quirky and witty remark made be the heel, as in Marc Jacobs’ python yellow sandal (at right), or these lovely disco ready open-toe silver sequin wedges, or my favorite the black sequined with the flame design on the side. And how could one make any comment on fabulous shoes and not mention the glorious satin fuschia feat of style below. FIERCENESS.

 These shoes make me happy. That’s all I can say.





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