Can TopShop Cure My Fashion Malaise?

TopShop that ubiquitous harbinger of uber fashion, that’s been a classic must on the other side of the pond, just opened in NYC, at the corner of Broome and Broadway to be exact. The New York Times, just ran an article about the store’s opening, highlighting the style advisers the store provides, and even spotlighting some of those advisers’ styles.

TopShop Style Adviser, Nicky Johnson

TopShop Style Adviser, Gemma Caplan

Some of my favorite looks included the outfits of style advisers Nicky Johnson and Gemma Caplan.  What I appreciate about TopShop’s business approach, is that at it seems that they showcase young talented fashion maevens. I appreciate the power they give to the young people in the business model.

This hyper-driven desire to be hip, to be fashionable, to begin a trend, to be stylish, to reinvent oneself through clothing, the height that it’s reached, seems to me, to be so uncomfortably close to mimicking an immature attempt to find oneself or constantly reinvent oneself. I’d say it’s juvenile and adolescent, but I actually think that’s a.) truly insulting to young people and b.) not nearly as authentic as young people investigating and developing their style over time by trying new fashions.  No this is something else. Its leaving me feeling overexposed. Wanting to say its enough already. Its the  pasttime of a nation unhappy with itself; so closely conscious of its every presented image, costume, and reinvention that its in a tizzy. It makes sense; at a time when it has hit a rocky emotional place where reinvention, nay even survival, seems too difficult to attain, a “fashion” fix could be the solution. Except that now everyone just loves fashion, and is so totally obsessed with it, feels their passion is fashion.  Its the cap to a season of self-absorbed voyeurism – first the self-absorption got television, now its holding fashion hostage too. I think I may be like, you know, like so totally, over it, you know.
 And I just don’t know if TopShop will cure my fashion malaise.

One Response to “Can TopShop Cure My Fashion Malaise?”

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