The New Electric Company

Aired first on PBS, beginning in 1971 “The Electric Company,” was designed to help early elementary school students with their reading, by focusing on phonetics. The show only had about 780 episodes, according to the LA Times, but the number of episodes allowed it to air until about 1985. Now PBS has updated “The Electric Company,” and it’s fantastic. You have to check it out! The production quality is excellent – building on shows like “Ghost Writer,” for its urban elegance and hipness, while also combining the skits and stylized, yet updated, images from the original. Robert Lloyd wrote about the updated show in the LA Times.

Anything that teaches the kiddies to read! Check out the new updated and interactive website  – it’s fantastic.

Check out Hector – he’s my favorite!


One Response to “The New Electric Company”

  1. The “New Electric Company” is fabulous! This is what I’m talking about when I advocate for changing the 19th Century classroom into a 21st Century one. I also think that this format can be applied to brain games for boomers. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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