Momma’s Boys: Hot Mess or Gender Study?

Me too, girl. Me too.

I love that she says this: be a grown up everyone. As you can imagine, she didn’t last long on the show – being a beautiful, strong, smart, Latina womyn who had sense (but apparently not enough not to be on this hot mess show in the first place.) And I also recognize that there’s a piece of heterosexism here – that men are essentially being told to be “men,” whatever that may mean in a stereotypical and socially constructed way. Why do you have to have “balls” to have courage? I get that, and yet….it’s still fantastic.

This show is so off the chain, that I have to do a series. I haven’t even started to talk about Mrs. B and her racist rant.  This show is like a present for all its foolishness. Mondays at 10 p.m., watch it, interrogate it. Craziness.


One Response to “Momma’s Boys: Hot Mess or Gender Study?”

  1. […] a previous post – focusing on the only self-identified Latina in the group in the group of womyn on “Momma’s Boy,” it was clear this show would have plenty […]

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