I Heart the Internet: Reading on the Rails

Over at Diary of an Anxious Black Woman, there’s a fantastic critique of Jonathan Demme’s new movie Rachel Getting Married. Check it out here – it’s so well done – really thoughtful, really well written.

Then over at Assimilated Negro, Jeff Chang is breaking down the connection between Wall Street and hip-hop.

Carmen Van Kerckhove over at Racialicious is yet again dropping knowledge. The recent posts about Heroes and microcredit I found particularly interesting.

And over at Have Mastered The Art of…CRA , talented playwright, breaks down hip-hop and legos.

At Young, Black, and Fabulous, sketches of the Obama’s possible Inauguration ensembles are featured. And I’m sorry, I just have to say this, but is it me, or do too many of these designs, look butler-ish- but maybe this is just my own internalized oppression? Like maybe, perhaps, designers so accustomed to ignoring people of color, don’t know how dress a President-elect of color with the proper balance of swagger and elegance. I, surprisingly, really liked the dark navy Sean John suit design.  Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, and Ferragama are also interesting. Brooks Brothers…well…

I heart the internet.


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