Professors & Fashion

The New York Times Magazine did a fashion spread with college professors. I think this is great! Intelligence is sexy, sartorial, and fashion-worthy. Nice to see educators being glamorized and outfitted. It’s especially nice at a time when intellectualism – being anything other than a “Joe six-pack” or “Joe the plumber” is degraded. I’d submit that every Joe should appreciate smarts – however it’s represented.

Check out Professor of Mathematics ANNALISA CRANNELL. She teaches at Franklin and Marshall College. Yes women in the math and sciences!

What I really adore about this image, is not only do I like the outfit, but the shot of her is interesting – though I do notice the exposed neck and that she’s not looking directly into the camera. Considering that the other images in the series featured womyn who were, I think this is more of a stylistic decision, than a structure of positioning womyn in disempowering poses. I like that we can see her strong jaw line and the way the light hits her face. As a fan of belts – I love the layered cinched waist. And her necklace! It’s very creative and unique – and I might add, something that yours truly can make at home (large bangles, check, yarn, check). And that coat! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the detailing and clear craftsmynship of the coat.

You can see all of the professors here:

I love the idea and appreciate what the magazine did. I am, however, surprised and a bit disappointed that there is not one person of color (at least visually identifiable – so it’s an assumption) represented – and there are no theatre or art folks represented. Here are the people I would love to see in a spread:

– Kellie Jones at Columbia University – a great art historian

– Karen Allen-Baxter at Brown University who rocks great hats

– Ohio University president Gordon Gee, who’s fond of bowties

– Cornel West from Princeton, whose sartorialist style has him in beautifully crafted (though artfully disheveled) ’60s style black suits, complete with skinny ties

– Angela Davis whose currently at UC Santa Cruz

– Ronald Takaki – I don’t know what school he’s at currently

– Vijay Prashad whose at Trinity College

– Shanga Parker – who I think is at the University of Washington

– Barbara Ransby at the University of Chicago

– Madhu Dubey Professor of English at the University of Illinois 

– Professor of Law Dorothy Roberts

Who might make your list?


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