Where is Robin Givhan? I need her to speak on this…

Sculpture of Michelle Obama  

Created by Sculptors David Edwards (top) Michelle Obama and David Cuero (below) Barack Obama as savior.

How do you get the above from this?: 

 Daniel Edwards is a controversial sculptor. He has also done sculptures of Paris Hilton (dead on on the autopsy table with her dog perched on her breast), Prince Harry laying in State, and Britney Spears, nude on all fours, giving birth on a bear-skin rug. So, perhaps Michelle Obama was spared….

Here is the sarcophagus sculpture he did of Oprah, which put me in mind of images of Saartje Baartman, othwerwise known as the Venus Hottentot:

I’d like Robin Givhan, one of my favorite writers of culture and fashion, to write on this. Givhan who won a Pulitzer in 2006 for her criticism, I think would deliver a thorough deconstruction of how the image of Black womyn’s bodies has been, and continues to be, (mis)used. In the absence of notes from Robin, I have to create my own critical analysis.

Here are some bullet points:

– Oh thank goodness, Edwards did not go supadupa crazy, and create a completely nude Michelle Obama.

– Thank you Jesus that fool didn’t put her on no bear-skin rug.

– Why did he have to give her a ‘fro and expose her breasts?

– You know how sometimes white people say they’re being liberal and they want to be really frank about race, because that’s the only way we’re going to move forward, and you want to believe them, but you know it’s just the introduction to them getting ready to call you n*gg*r or act out one of their racist fantasies? Witness it…

– A pick in the ‘fro – oh really? And a tattoo? Branded, with the American flag, no less…

– Black womyn fascinate the hell out of our society. Racism is a sexualized oppression – meaning racism is linked to sexual repression and oppression. Racist fantasies are linked to fantasies about sex, and womyn are often trapped in that vortex. Patricia Hill Collins speaks about it:  http://www.iupui.edu/~ncafws/spotlight.htm

More later.


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